Quality - ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, we want to help consumers make responsible choices. This means buying less, buying better and using items for longer. That’s why we design products that are made to last – in terms of both function and aesthetics.

Designing for longevity is the foundation for minimising our resource consumption and CO₂ emissions. Our designs are made to last, and it is our ambition that they live for many years – timeless, enduring and passed on. For this to happen, our products need to be of high quality, and they must arrive at their destination in good condition.

We employ strict Responsibility Criteria for new products and have a comprehensive quality control system in order to ensure that each product lives up to our quality standards. In addition to this, our suppliers consistently perform on-site quality control inspections, while we routinely visit manufacturing locations to conduct our own quality control checks. In 2021 our claim rate was 1.1% and we are working hard to reduce it further.