End-of-life Impact - ferm LIVING

At ferm LIVING, we consider the impact of our business and measure the CO₂e footprint of our products. This work will help in establishing a baseline from which future reduction targets and strategic ‘in-settings’ will be set. Our environmental policy is centered around three 2030 key commitments:

Create full transparency on all products
Obtain third-party certifications on all products where possible
Work towards CO₂e-neutrality

In collaboration with the Danish company Målbar, we are using their Climate Screening Tool to measure the CO₂e footprint of our individual products taking every step of the manufacturing process into account – from the raw materials to the arrival of a final product at our warehouse. So far, we have onboarded nine key suppliers to measure the climate impact of the products that they produce, from raw material to the final product arriving at the warehouse. In 2023, we have committed to onboarding an additional 9 key suppliers and conducting climate screenings on our 100 top-selling products. In freight and transport we measure container space and CO₂ emissions though software calculators to keep both the environmental impact and cost of our transport to an absolute minimum.