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Christmas Collection 2023 | Traditions of Togetherness

Christmas is a time for togetherness. It’s a time when we gather the ones we love to practice timeless traditions – inherited rituals that we perform year after year, evoking wonder in the youngest family members and nostalgia in those who have experienced them many times before. We form new traditions, melding our personal histories with the promise of what lies ahead.

Family gathers across generations and geographical boundaries; friends meet to cheers for the year that’s gone and the new one soon to come. We open our homes to share in food, drink and companionship. We set the table with inherited silverware and our favourite dinnerware, serving a bounty of warm, hearty dishes that are indicative of this special time of year. We dim the lights and ignite candles, which illuminate precious ornaments as well as the faces of our treasured guests.

At Christmas, we pay homage to the past while creating memories for the future.

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